Happy Birthday, Hubby!


















My dear Ahmed

To the wonderful man that changed my Life


Today is your birthday, a very special day! To me it's speciaI because that's the day when that man got born, that I today proudly can call my wonderful husband and my best friend, the one who will always be in my heart forever. It's the birthday of a smart and strong but also loving and caring man, someone hard to find. You are special, so the day you were born is special too. I want you to know that I love you, and I always will. Soon you will become a daddy, and our babyboy will be born in winter, just like you. I hope he gets a lot from you, because as I already said... you are special. He can be proud to have a daddy like you. I wish for you a happy life, in this world... and with saying "yes" on our wedding day I also promised to do my best to do my part in that. And so as your loving wife I have to tell you a few things to do for today, because I unfortunately can't be next to you right now. But here already are a few things waiting for you too, when you arrive. So your birthdaytasks for today:


Relax today! You had enough stress lately!


Get some Cake! I know you love cake, and you should eat the one you like most.


Enjoy this day with friends or family, just as you like it, and don't worry about serious things, and know you are loved always.